Born in 1963. in Belgrade. He has been a professional painter since 1985. and member of ULUPUDS and ULUS  , freelance artist.

His themes are human figure andurban landscape , technique oil on canvas.

Graduated from the University of Architecture in Belgrade.

He has participated in many collective exhibitions and art meetings.

Solo exhibitions:

Progres Gallery, Belgrade, 2004.

Singidunum Gallery, Belgrade, 2009.

Helena Gallery, Belgrade, 2009.

Serbian Cultural Center ‘’Sveti Sava’’, Subotica, 2010.

Atrijum Gallery, Belgrade City Library, 2011.

Club des Arts, Palace of Europe, Strasbourg, 2012.

GalerieErni , Luzern , 2013.

Peyer Fine Art galerie ,Zurich , 2014.

Gallery ‘Cerne’ ,Nova Gorica ,Slovenia , 2015.

GalerieContemplor , Wien , 2017.

Gallery  ULUS  ,  Belgrade  , 2017.


‘’Artist of the year’’ – Simic Galleries, California, 2005.

First prize for a painting on the ‘’I bi Tesla’’ (‘’And there was Tesla’’) competition, Cultural Development Center of Art ‘’Lira’’, Belgrade 2006.

‘’PaletaDjureJaksica’’ (‘’DjuraJaksic’s palette’’), 2nd prize on the art colony ‘’Ljubavirazumevanje’’ (‘’Love and understanding’’), Pozarevac, 2012.

Works in Belgrade