An artist is a person who “sees”, thinks and feels, clearer, further and deeper … and has the will, skills and courage to show it.
I paint because I feel that it is the best thing I can do for others and for myself. I realized that when I started painting. I was then 23 years old and that realization became and remained a strong motivation and incentive.
Being an artist is a great privilege and a great way to develop and progress as a person.
What moves me the most to paint is curiosity … how far I can go, to see, and how to present it in the language of art. The surprises that are experienced along the way are great wealth and pleasure.
I use the oil on canvas technique because it suits my sensibility the most, and I consider a good command of drawing to be the basis for all art disciplines.
While painting, I try to maintain a balance of the intuitive and the rational, because this approach suits me best.
I do not insist on conveying a certain “story”, theory or conclusion to the viewer, but that the painting provokes them to their own point of view with its intentional “incompleteness”.
I choose themes and motives spontaneously…people, because they are a universal and inexhaustible source of inspiration; urban scenes, because they are a challenge, to present routine everyday life in a better light and with a deeper meaning; and landscapes, because they are one of the ways to keep in touch with the natural environment.
However, the theme and the content are not the most important part of my painting, but the way of interpretation. I think that the biggest challenge for a painter (seemingly) is to present a trivial subject in the light of higher reality and thus give it meaning.
I am a supporter of freedom in thought and expression, but freedom that is accompanied by responsibility… because without it, it easily turns into arbitrariness.
I paint for myself but for others.
I love paintings, to look at them and to create them.

Stojan Milanov